creating a critical mass where together we can create
a peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy and happy world

Deepak HomeBase is both a physical and a virtual salon;
a vital, living, interactive, experiential platform;
a multi media expanded classroom and a curated conversation,
hosted by visionary futurist Deepak Chopra,
with the iconic characters and luminaries of our times
exploring; health & wellness; science & sages; innovation;
technology; artist of substance; leaders and leadership; love in action;
our environment; food; poverty; sustainability; compassion; spirituality; success;
happiness, suffering; living and dying; beauty; wisdom;
love, relationship & sexuality; current events; the future; and much more.

in a time where humanity is facing some difficult, painful and mysterious questions,
Deepak’s gift is more relevant than ever,
as he is poised to ask the questions, create the inquiry, and host the solutions and the debate.
informed through ancient sages, modern science, wisdom authors and philosophers, poetry, song and art,
The Conversation raises the bar on integrity and intelligence.

through interactive audience participation
via tv, radio, internet & cutting edge social media tools,
the Conversation engages an aligned global audience
to plug in, get informed and involved, and, as Gandhi said,
“be[come] the change they want to see in the world,”
nourishing an innovative, self organizing, self sustaining movement;
creating a ripple effect of consciousness and action;
and providing tools & connecting people
to make profound personal & universal transformation.